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The Abyssal Deuxsis 16" x 20" Print

The Abyssal Deuxsis 16" x 20" Print

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Deep in the bowels of the sub-astral are the Abyssal Shadow-kin beings known as the Deuxsis. Born out of the shadow as telepathic non identical twins, each pair acts together as a singular consciousness and spends every moment with their counterpart. They are worshipped by the Yultima witch covens, that they are so eager to corrupt. 

Concept art from the Goldlands Masters series by J.S.Henderson

Created using Midjourney + Digital painting + Calligraphy + Photoshop editing

Museum-quality posters made on thick matte paper.

• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Paper weight: 189 g/m²
• Paper is sourced from Japan

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