James Henderson: Tattooist and Digital Painter

Greetings! I am James Henderson, an Illustrator, Tattoo artist and Wizard. My creative journey is a fusion of various influences, from the mystical realms of occult symbolism to the rich tapestry of ancient cultures.

Tattoo Artistry: In the realm of tattooing, my work is a dance between the esoteric and the illustrative. Drawing inspiration from the symbolic language of ancient cultures, magick, and alchemy, I specialize in crafting highly symbolic and custom calligraphy-style sigils. These designs delve into the depths of human consciousness, offering a unique visual narrative for those seeking a deeper connection with their ink. I aim to use the already inherent pain involved in the tattoo process to imprint the clients desired intention into their tattoo and mind.

My tattoo repertoire also extends beyond the occult, encompassing illustrative, dark art, tribal, botanical, and geometric styles. Each piece is a testament to the fusion of art and meaning, a personal journey shared with each client.

Digital Painting: In the digital realm, my paintings are a reflection of profound introspection and exploration. Influenced by ancient cultural symbolism, psychedelic experiences, and deep meditations on human consciousness, my artwork invites viewers into a world where archetypal visions and symbolic storytelling converge.

Beyond the Art Studio: Outside of my artistic endeavors, I find joy in playing the drums, a rhythmic obsession that echoes the pattern of my creativity. My curiosity extends to researching ancient cultures and megalithic structures especially in Egypt. Additionally, the art of bonsai captures my fascination, providing a time of meditative balance in my creative pursuits.

My artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of influences, a visual and symbolic exploration that transcends the mundane. Whether through the making of tattoos or the wild visions I paint, I invite you to join me on this immersive journey into the realms of symbolism, consciousness, and creativity.

Thank you for being part of my artistic odyssey.