Reviews on James Gravity and his studio Monolith Tattoo

MovementEnthusiast - 5 stars
James is an absolute legend of a human. Passionate about his work and brings an element of forgotten tradition back into his pieces.
A true craftsman of magical incantations. Woven with intension and intricacy. I got a full spinal piece done with him and getting another arm piece from him next week.
Super easy to communicate with. Both times I have felt complete ease giving him full creative rein!
Monique Miller - 5 stars
I wish I could rate above just 5 stars. I have been tattooed by James for 8+ years now and have never been to a more professional, talented and personable artist. The studio is clean and tidy, James is welcoming and so proficient with his art. I have never left unsatisfied, I love all the ink that James has given me. Super happy.
Mikayla Robassa - 5 stars
One of the best tattoo experiences I have ever had! James made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I’m more than happy with my tattoo, it is incredible!
The studio is lovely and clean!
Can’t wait to come back again 😌
Charlie Bianca - 5 stars
It was an absolute pleasure to have been tattooed at monolith! One of the better experiences I've had with any artist, James is very thoughtful, passionate and professional with what he does and made my experience a comfortable one. I left with no anxieties and happy to have met such a wonderful human :)
Luca Lysenko - 5 stars
I travel 2 hours to see James and his work has always been amazing. Its a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and I always feel at home around James. I highly recommended him and his beautiful studio.
Sarah Milic - 5 stars
I spent the day here getting tattooed by James. I now how a lovely piece on my shin and now 2 weeks later it is healing perfectly.
The studio is beautiful, filled with art and lovely vibes. I genuinely enjoyed spending my day here with the artists and appreciating their unique creations.
Maggie Archer - 5 stars
Immediately comfortable in the shop, the artists are all wonderful people who do absolutely fantastic artwork. Visited James specifically twice now and he continues to create magick goodness I'll forever cherish on my body. If I could rate it higher I would! Definitely recommend.
Hara Neilson - 5 stars
Had an amazing session with James recently! He was so patient with the design process and we shared a really great day in his wonderful studio. Couldn’t recommend this place enough
Daniel Norman - 5 stars
James did my first ever tattoo all the way back in 2018, and since then I have been coming back year after year. At this point I consider him not only an amazing artist, but a close friend too. High quality work, very welcoming, and excellent at bringing shared Visions and original ideas to life.
Patrick Meehan - 5 stars
There’s getting tattoos and then there’s getting tattooed! This is the place where you get that process and journey that people revere and instantly get hooked. James is a true artist in every sense of the word. His craftsmanship alone is why you should seek him out but his passion for the art and the process which he so effortlessly guides you through is phenomenal. My own experience with him was the most I’ve ever enjoyed being tattooed - hands down. If you’re wanting to get something special and willing to put in the effort you need to visit this place. I can’t speak highly enough of James and the shop he’s created.
Arnie Carus - 5 stars
I have been going to see James for his amazing tattoos now for many years. He did my first ever large piece and I was so impressed by him I have followed him all over Melbourne. His art is absolutely stunning, he knows the body so well and can feel when you are about to twitch before you even know urself. He does not push the skin down and just try and restrain you from moving, instead he listens to your body and works with it not against it.
He is lovely to speak to and I am always excited to go in for my appointment. I know by booking with him I am going to get a quality piece that is reasonably priced.
I highly recommend James for your next tattoo. You can't go wrong.
Jess - 5 stars
My experience at Monolith tattoo was incredible. I had a really thorough consultation where we discussed everything about the peice of work I was getting and potential ideas for the future. James was a wonderful and thoughtful artist who took his time to make the work perfect from the placement of the work to the finer details of the tattoo. I felt safe, respected and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Monolith tattoos to anyone looking for a unique, beautiful and individualised experience.
Karyn Edwards - 5 stars
I have been seeing James for tattoos for around 10 years. I have always been a big fan, not only of his work but also the environment that he creates. All my visits have been comfortable and respectful. James hand picks the people he works with and they’re all great people. I highly value my experiences here.
Robert Lister - 5 stars
I have been a client of James' for years, and Monolith is a testament to his vision, professionalism and creativity. I have never felt more comfortable and welcome walking into a tattoo shop than at Monolith, and every piece I have sat for has been a delightful experience. If you take the time to open up to the artists here, you won't regret your decision.
Elodie Kuhne-Martini - 5 stars
Monolith Tattoo are some of the most professional and talented tattoo artists in Melbourne.
James is always such a pleasure to work with and gets it right every time! I can't wait to be tattooed by him again soon!
Heath Stephenson - 5 stars
Monolith tattoo and it’s employees are an incredible crew. James is a world class tattooist, who is not only deeply passionate about the art, but also really engaged with making the whole experience sweet & smooth. I felt so comfortable with James & the space he has created.
My tattoo is still looking mighty clean & exceptionally executed after a year of having it. Big love to the monolith crew & it’s inhabitants. You’re all legends 🧡
Sonia Marques - 5 stars
My daughter and I recently spent 2 days at Monolith Tattoo studio.
We flew down to Melbourne specifically to see James.
James did my first large tattoo 4 years ago and I was so impressed with his skill, talent and pride in his work. That tattoo still looks very crisp and people continue to comment on how beautiful it is.
He did the most amazing artwork on both of us during our recent visit and nothing was too much trouble for him.
We both so appreciated that he consulted with us throughout the process to ensure we were happy with the designs he had created for us.
Our conversations also contributed to an overall wonderful experience.
His attention to detail is really remarkable. James is an incredible artist who created magick designs that we are both so proud to have on our skin.
If I could have, I would’ve spent an entire week there, getting more tattoo artwork done and enjoying our conversations.
The studio has a very relaxed and welcoming ambience and is very hygenic and well appointed.
I look forward to returning - hopefully in the not too distant future.
I would highly recommend James and Monolith Tattoo to anyone and everyone.
Rash Wanly - 5 stars
An absolute pleasure
James is a fantastic professional artist and a lovely human
Highly recommended.
Rin Harris - 5 stars
James is super friendly and professional, love my tattoos from him and will definitely be back for more!